James has spent over a decade helping friends eliminate debt, create additional sources of income to increase their cash flow, and both grow and protect their wealth to leave a legacy to their loved ones.

James initially began helping others in his spare time as a hobby while he was practicing law as an Assistant Attorney General, but after deciding to leave the practice of law to spend more time with his wife and five children, that hobby turned into a life-long mission.

After eliminating hundreds of thousands of personal student loan and credit card debt, James has shared his story and methods in stadiums to crowds of over 20,000 people.

It doesn’t matter to James whether he’s helping people across a table, over a zoom, or on stages. Each person he educates is one more person that he can help climb out of the rat race and begin to grow and protect generational wealth.

The tools and tips James shares have helped people save and/or make thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars; go from paying interest to earning interest; and go from uncertainty in retirement to guarantees.

One of the tools James shares with his clients is outlined in his “Banking On Yourself: The Big Secret to Generational Wealth” book that you can download for FREE.

The Book



In 2012 while practicing law as an Assistant Attorney General, James was falling deeper into debt even while earning an above average salary. There always seemed to be “too much month at the end of the money.”

Being stressed and depressed about it, he did what many people have done and took a Dave Ramsey course, but couldn’t get past Step 1, which is “Save $1,000 for an Emergency Fund.” He was already having an emergency! He couldn’t save extra when there wasn’t any extra to save. He had a negative cash flow (more going out than coming in).

He sat down at his desk, printed out several months of bank and credit card statements, and started looking at every dollar that left his accounts. He started with his law school student loan payments, which totaled $1,600 a month and a total loan balance of $176,000. In addition to the student loans, he had four maxed out credit cards and an overall total debt amount well over $200,000.
That was where his journey started. Over the next several years, James spent countless hours researching and learning about the concept of cash flow and how you can not only have a positive cash flow, but also grow it. He read book after book and watched webinar after webinar, gaining all the knowledge he could.

Three and a half years later James found himself coaching over 20,000 people in Dallas Cowboys Stadium on how he had eliminated nearly $200,000 of debt including four maxed out credit cards, three student loans, and a personal bank loan using the knowledge he had gained through his research. Now he enjoys passing it all on to others!



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