Question Everything

I took some form of a personality test many years ago and the results showed, among other things, that I am “a questioner.“That means that I have to know why and how things work.
It used to get me into a lot of trouble in school because if a teacher told me to do something, but the way I was being told to do it didn’t make sense, I needed to know why she wanted me to do it that certain way. I’m a logical thinker and if there was a better, easier, or more efficient way to achieve the same result, I needed to know why I had to do something less efficient or more difficult to get to the same spot.
I’ve never stopped questioning things and I never will. I don’t like to do things just because everybody else is doing it, especially if what everyone else is doing doesn’t make sense or if there’s a better way available.
When I got out of college and law school, I followed the path outlined in this book. I ended up in the same place the average American ends up. I had an incredible amount of credit card debt, an outrageous amount of student loan debt, and there was always too much month at the end of the money.
Then, I began to question everything I was taught about money. I was open to learning and began to read, research, and listen to every podcast or YouTube video I could that challenged the status quo of finances. I was on a hunt for contrarian voices.
All that research paid HUGE dividends, both figuratively and literally, and my family is on the most prosperous path we’ve ever been on and are moving along it at warp speed. I say that not to boast, but to inspire YOU to begin to question everything you know about investing, saving, debt, etc.
Don’t let your education stop when you get out of school. Take the time to learn new things, especially if they challenge your current way of thinking. Your future, and that of your family’s, may very well depend on it.